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Major Garage Repairs

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Major Garage Repairs


We provide a full range of garage repair services for most makes of cars, vans and 4×4’s:

Cooling Systems:

  • Check and replace water pumps, radiators, hoses and thermostats
  • Check and adjust/replace fan and auxiliary belts.

    Clutch, Gearbox & Transmission Systems:

    • Test and replace clutch and flywheel systems
    • Check and replace gearbox and axle units
    • Check and repair/replace drive shafts and wheel bearings etc

    Steering & Suspension Systems:

    • Check repair/replace steering racks, ball joints, suspension joints etc
    • Check and replace shock absorbers and springs etc
    • Check and adjust wheel alignment and balance wheels.

    Braking System:

    • Change brake fluid (recommended every 2 years by most manufacturers)
    • Replacement brake pads, shoes, disks, hydraulic cylinders etc
    • Test brake fluid for water contamination
    • Full brake check and adjust service
    • Rolling road brake test

    Examples of other repairs:

    • Cam-Belt replacement
    • Fuel systems and tanks
    • Chassis welding and repairs
    • Tyres and exhaust replacement
    • Batteries, alternator and starter motors
    • Cylinder head repairs/replace gaskets etc
    • Major engine repairs and replacement (New and reconditioned)