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Diagnostics & Electrical Repairs

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Diagnostics & Electrical Repairs

Steve Raines Autoservice, specialises in electrical diagnosis for charging, starter, battery or complex injection and ignition systems.

Our Bosch trained technicians, using the latest computerised diagnostic analysers, can test and “fault find” problems with electronic controlled
engine systems and other onboard systems such as ABS brake systems, as well as diagnose faults with the car electrics.


Our diagnostic and repair service is comprehensive and covers most makes and models of cars, vans and 4×4’s and includes the following:

  • SRS systems
  • ABS brake systems
  • Turn out service lights etc
  • Read and analyse fault codes
  • Engine management systems
  • Fuel injection systems petrol and diesel
  • Vehicle electrics, including windows, lights, wipers etc
  • Testing and replacement of Batteries, Alternator charging systems and Starter Motors

Bosch expertise in the area of vehicle diagnostics is world renowned, as it is the largest supplier of technology to the automotive industry.

We therefore believe, that we are often able to provide the solution here in Market Drayton,
which could only otherwise be provided by specialist dealers.